Alternative Dance Vibes From A Land Down Under

Gold Fields

Catch Gold Fields at the Constellation Room Sept. 9.

Australian band, Gold Fields, will be performing their “80s, new wave-influenced, dance-pop” music on Monday, Sept. 9 in the Constellation Room in Santa Ana. Formed in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in 2010, Gold Fields feature vocalist, Mark Robert Fuller; guitarist, Vin Andanar; keyboardist, Rob Clifton; bassist, Luke Peldys and drummer, Ryan D’Sylva.

The band released their first self-titled EP in 2011. In 2013, Gold Fields delivered their debut full-length album; Black Sun. OC Concert Guide spoke with the band’s vocalist as they head back to the U.S. after successful tour with Capital Cities last spring.

OCCG: Can you introduce yourselves, your part in the band and where you were born?
MRF: Yeah it’s Mark (Fuller), I was born in Ballarat and I sing in Gold Fields.

OCCG: Which genre would you say your music is in?
MRF: We think about it as dance music, especially when it comes to the live show. We’re starting to write new music at the moment so it’s hard to say where it’s heading after Black Sun.

OCCG: Your music has very strong percussion. What or who influenced this?
MRF: Yeah Ryan writes all the drum parts. I think because he knows he’s got Rob to help him play the stuff live, he can write things as complex as he likes and they’ll always figure out a way to pull it off live. It’s good fun for the rest of us to watch at practice. Having a big percussion set up definitely makes the live show more interesting for us too.

OCCG: What was your biggest struggle after forming Gold Fields?
MRF: For me it’s being away from home so much. We’ve spent a lot of time away over the past couple of years an its tough leaving girlfriends and friends and family for months on end to tour.

OCCG: Do you have a theme or message in your debut album, Black Sun?
MRF: Not an intentional one. Listening back, lyrically I actually think the album is really self-absorbed. The whole record is in a way. We were only thinking about ourselves when we made it. Trying to come out with something we liked.

OCCG: What’s the process like when putting a new song together?
MRF: It changes every time. Ry or Vin might program an instrumental, we’ll record vocals on it then take it into a jam room and play it out till it feels right.

OCCG: You’ve been touring through several countries now. Is there a particular city or country that’s been your favorite?
MRF: Yeah I really like San Diego. Pretty much anywhere in California and around LA. Our shows in New York have been highlights. Portland and Seattle, and also any shows in Australia are always great.

OCCG: What can we expect in the future from Gold Fields? Is there another album in the works?
MRF: After this US tour, we’re going to start writing properly again. Not 100% sure at this stage but after this tour, the next thing you’ll hear from Gold Fields will probably be some new music early next year maybe. I think we’re sort of looking at next year as the next chapter, so to speak.

OCCG: Can you give some advice to up-and-coming artists or bands?
MRF: Well we’re still up and coming ourselves so not really. But anything that’s ever worked out for us is the result of some pretty hard work. So I guess just work a lot and make sure you love what you’re making

Southern California Style Reggae Lights Up The House of Blues


Originalites play the House of Blues Anaheim August 28

Orange County’s own reggae roots band from Fountain Valley will be headlining the House of Blues Anaheim on Wednesday, Aug. 28. Haling from coastal southern California, the band is known for mixing their own style of Pacific influenced vibes into their irie-style music.

The OC Concert Guide caught up with the band as they prepare to play for their hometown crowd.

OCCG: Can you share with us the story of how The Originalites got together?
Originalites: Daniel, Tim, and Peter form the band at the end of the school year at Fountain Valley High School in 2008( their senior year). Then in Dec of 2008 they met Mike at Kiro Bigra’s African shop called African Corner when it was located in Fountain Valley.

OCCG: Your stomping grounds is Orange County, but where were each of you born?
Originalites: Tim was born in Newport Beach, CA, Peter was born in Anaheim Hills, CA, Daniel was born in Lima, Peru and Mike was born in Long Beach, CA.

OCCG: Describe your music and what influences it.
Originalites: Feel good music covering a range of emotions through personal experience. Music that makes you dance, makes you think, or feel something positive.

OCCG: You perform regularly in OC. Do you have a favorite spot?
Originalites: Gallaghers Irish Pub & Grill in Huntington Beach and House of Blues in Anaheim.

OCCG: Which of your songs would you say are most popular with fans? Is there a band favorite?
Originalites: Fan favorite originals are: Cindypoo, Vivanda, Spinning Round, Unpretty City, Rock Bottom, Atmosphere, Porque.
Fan favorite covers are: Pycho vision – Suicidal tendencies and Ghost Town – The Specials.
Band favorites artists are: Atmosphere, Rock Bottom, “H”

OCCG: What’s been your biggest challenge as a band?
Originalites: Our biggest challenge as band has definitely been getting people to pronounce and spell our name correctly. It’s “The ORIGINALITES” NOT “the originalities.”

OCCG: Besides going to your show at the House of Blues in Anaheim on August 28th, how can we hear your music?
Originalites: Sites where you can find and download our music are;,,,,, TNN Radio,

OCCG: What can we expect in the future from The Originalites?
Originalites: New music, lots of shows, some tours, and video and picture postings. And Alien contact.

Multi-Artist DJ, Rapper Drops Some Rhymes At La Cave

Little Debbie

Little Debbie makes a brief appearance at La Cave June 22

Rap artist, fashion designer and model, Lil Debbie will be bringing her style and sounds to Costa Mesa this Saturday, June 22 at La Cave.

Lil Debbie is from the California Bay area, Oakland to be exact, and started her music career with White Girl Mob, a group including Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, but later teamed up with Houston’s RiFF RaFF.

Together with rapper RiFF RaFF, Lil Debbie released songs in 2012 including “SQUiRT” and “Michelle Obama.” This year she made her solo debut with “California’s Sweetheart” being released this month.

The event is sponsored in part by Denell LeMark Events. The doors will be open by 9pm with Lil Debbie performing live at 12pm.

For more info on her music or upcoming shows, check out or