Accept It – Dirkschneider Turns The Page


DIRKSCHNEIDER plays Whisky A Go Go Mar. 22 and Brick By Brick Mar. 23; photo Tim Tronckoe

Dirkschneider’s “Back to the Roots II”, the final tour for playing all Accept songs, stops in SoCal for two nights beginning with the Whisky A Go Go Mar. 22 then on to Brick By Brick Mar. 23. The group will play an almost completely new setlist of only Accept hits, but this time with many different songs compared to previous tours.

“It’s still so much fun to sing these songs live, they are a part of my biography, but nevertheless it’s about time to turn that page,” Udo remarked. “There was so much talking and speculations about me and Accept, so this is kind of a musical statement from my end – which seems to be very interesting for the fans who came to these shows.”



In addition to their still ongoing successful tour, Dirkschneider has released LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted! featuring many classics from Udo Dirkschneider’s Accept era, as well as a cover version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” as bonus track.

“The song “My Way” was not planned but it was normally the outro after a show, so we wanted to put it on the album,” Dirkschneider explained. “But the publishing said, ‘no’ so I said, ‘what can I do’? And then I tried to sing “My Way”. It worked!”

Playing around 200 shows a year, Dirkschneider does not appear to be slowing down noting that if you play “a lot of shows in a short amount of time, you have to be in control of yourself.” He claims not to have a problem with that.



“Of course, we have a good time, have a little party, but it’s not like when you were 25 or whatever,” Dirkschneider chuckled. “I mean we’re playing nearly two hours every night and then four or five nights in a row, you have to be careful.”

This tour continues through mid-October, finishing up in Mallorca. But, that doesn’t mean Dirkschneider will have nothing to do.

“Yea, we go until middle of October under Dirkschneider then we start rehearsing for the U.D.O. Tour.”

There is also a new U.D.O. album coming out at the end of the year in Europe which Dirkschneider said “is still a bit of a secret.”

Joining Dirkschneider on the current U.S. and Canada tour will be Australian metal band Elm Street for all dates.

“I want to watch the show and see what kind of music they are doing.”

Playing roughly 20 Accept songs a night, this final tour promises to be memorable.

“They definitely will see a really good show, a really good setlist,” Dirkschneider promised. “I’m looking forward to everything.”