GWAR Fight Their Way To California


GWAR to destroy HOB/SD Nov. 21 and Fonda Theatre Nov. 22; promo pic

Obnoxious, loud, funny, frightening rock band GWAR may still be AWOL from the Masters Army but you can catch them if you dare at House of Blues/San Diego Nov. 21 and the Fonda Theatre Nov. 22.

“You can expect to get your fucking head chopped off if you get too close to the front row,” Pustulus (guitarist Brent Purgason) invited. “You can expect to be covered in blood and god knows what other bodily fluids … But you can expect to have your fucking sox rocked off, literally.

“What other band are you gonna go see that would show such appreciation for the fans that we expel a lot of bodily fluids on to them? I don’t think other bands would do that for you. We sacrifice life and limb to bring you entertainment. And I doubt you’re going to get that from Nickelback.”

In fact, a memorable good time at one of their shows involved throwing a fan into a barricade.

“Have you ever seen Uncle Phil throw Jazzy Jeff out the fucking door at Fresh Prince Belair?” Pustulus asked. “Well, I got to do that to a guy in Edmonton, Canada during a show and that was pretty fucking cool. I got to Jazzy Jeff him right into the fucking barricade.”

It is well-known that GWAR are not of this world, and were part of the elite fighting force, The Scumdogs, before arriving here on earth.

“We all got frozen in Antarctica during the ice age, but the problem was I was doing some bong rips in the closet and I was trying to hot box it out,” Pustulus admitted. “Everybody else got thawed out and got whisked away to join a rock band, while I got left in there for another 50 years. It sucked but I’m here now so it’s all good.”

Not being very good at doing military stuff, each member of the Maximus Clan earned a reputation as an intergalactic fuck-up.

“Well you know the raping, the pillaging, the constant imbibing of various substances throughout the galaxy, that kind of put a damper on us doing what we’re told,” Pustulus noted. “Self-gratification is one of the things we tend to revel in. Quite frankly that didn’t fit into anybody else’s work schedule.”

Speaking of work, coming to California to play isn’t really what they look forward to doing while here.

“We look forward to just watching the vagrants walk the streets,” Pustulus said. “You know, everything smells like weed out there. Definitely, don’t look forward to the actual performance other than the after party and the getting paid part.”

October saw the release of Blood Of the Gods, the first album since 2013’s Battle Maximus and without founding member/vocalist Oderus (Dave Brockie).

Battle Maximus was a record put out more or less under duress,” Pustulus explained. “It was important to us that we weren’t viewed as something that could falter. I don’t think it was rushed but I think we could have taken more time.

“As for Blood of the Gods we were absolutely not going to rush this record in particular. A lot of times we’re just fighting and kicking and screaming and biting and fucking each other through the album process. People were involved and included the entire time which is not always how this band has functioned in the past.

“We all work together when we’re not fighting or when we’re not stealing each other’s girlfriends or drugs or pawning each other’s TV’s we’re writing great music together.”

But, don’t forget the killing. That’s something else Pustulus likes to talk about. Killing things that you love.

“You know, if you’re going to kill something, the best way to do it is to have it trust you first. So that way when the life is fully drained from it it gives you that look of ‘why?’.

“And plus, you know, if you care for something and you take its life that’s a way to feel emotion. Because when you’re as emotionally de-void as I am at this point in time, you have to do things that make you feel alive. And you know, stuff like that will do it.

“That’s not too dark, is it?”