Belew Plays Crimson And More

Adrian Belew

ADRIAN BELEW plays The Coach House Mar. 23, Canyon Club Mar. 24, The Rose Mar. 25; press photo

Since 1977, professional musician Adrian Belew continues to redefine music. The groundbreaking artist shall soon be coming to delight both his fans and music lovers in general who live in SoCal. Belew plays The Coach House Mar. 23, The Canyon Club Mar. 24 and The Rose Mar. 25.

This marks the eighth time that Belew has played The Coach House, which along with the other locations on his tour, were personally hand selected by Belew and his musical.

Concert goers who attend shall be treated to the many songs Belew has played throughout his long career. He will be aided by Tobias Ralph and Julie Stick known collectively as “The Adrian Belew Power Trio.” Additionally concertgoers can experience a live rendition of Belew’s latest musical venture: The Flux Project.

The project which Belew says will make it so ‘you never have to listen to the same song twice” ranges from mobile-phone applications to traditional CD releases. Belew’s latest album Flux by Belew, Volume One, is the most recent iteration of this project with the next volume in development.

This experiment and innovative approach to music has helped him become one of the most well known musicians today. He is especially held in high regard for his unique, versatile electric guitar that has won him awards and praise. The latter is best exemplified by Frank Zappa, one of Belew’s most notable collaborators, who once famously declared that “Adrian reinvented the electric guitar!”

Though he has been focused on playing solo since 1989, Belew isn’t wont to be hoarding as he has lent his musical prowess to other high-profile artists and groups. In addition to Frank Zappa, these have included King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails, Laurie Anderson and the Talking Heads to name just a few.

But the most memorable collaborator was David Bowie. Belew famously toured with Bowie twice during his tours of 1978 and 1990. Belew has called the recent death of Bowie so terrific that “no one will ever replace him.” As part of his tribute to him, Belew shall be devoting a significant portion of the music he played during his partnership with Bowie.

In addition to the guitar, Belew is also known for being a skilled multi-instrumentalist. Belew played nearly all the instruments, with the exception of a double bass, for his 1989 album Mr. Music Head. However Belew reserves this talent solely for studio recordings preferring to play his signature Parker electric guitar and equally signature vocals during live performances.

For Belew, every performance to him is a memorable one as he enjoys performing live. He encourages people to attend, especially those who have never heard his music before. Belew hopes that those who come shall have an equally memorable experience as he does whenever he plays.