Eyes Set To Kill Play Brick By Brick

eyes set to kill

EYES SET TO KILL played Brick By Brick Nov. 6 photo: Reuben Martinez

A band I saw over 2 years ago opening for Kill Devil Hill, Eyes Set To Kill (ESTK), impressed me and I became a huge fan. This time, playing at Brick By Brick in San Diego, I wanted to shoot their show.

While being new to this venue, I didn’t know what to expect. But Brick By Brick’s accommodations and staff were amazing. Small in space yet open to catering to the rock crowd, I was really impressed with the lighting when ESTK took stage.

Using a prime lens for low light conditions I captured great action shots of singer Alexia’s passionate singing and her sister Anissa’s solid bass playing, her yellow hair flaring away. This was the main reason that got me intrigued by this band. Drummer Caleb is nothing but solid behind the kit propelling the group through songs off their last album “Masks” and a few new tunes. The band can really play!

I’ve seen this band a few times so I was familiar with what to expect. In my opinion, I think was one of my most successful shoots. I was constantly looking at the display of my camera and was impressed at how well each shot was coming out. I didn’t have to move around too much to get great compositions.

It’s such a rare experience when you’re able to shoot a great band at a great venue with a great staff. I’m looking forward to returning to Brick By Brick for other shows and obviously looking forward to Eyes Set To Kill’s return to Southern California.