The Griswold’s Energetic Show Viewed Through A Lens

Chris Whitehall The Griswolds

Chris Whitehall (The Griswolds) at The Observatory Jul 6 photo: Andy Ortega

By the time The Griswolds began their July 6 show, The Observatory in Santa Ana was almost completely full and pulsing with energy. The audience was singing along with the warm up music that was playing while the sound was getting checked. It was a Monday night but tonight, it was still the weekend.

As the show began, there was a deafening roar/scream as Daniel Duque-Perez stepped out onto the stage and in front of his synthesizer. That’s the reminder for us photographers to put in those earplugs.

Next came Christopher Whitehall with his trademark shaggy blonde hair. He steps up to the microphone, waves and smiles. Again, audience cheers and the show kicks off!

The Griswolds band members are great at moving around to different parts of the stage. When you’re in the audience, especially if you’re on the shorter side, it’s cool when you can see the band members without having to squeeze through a crowd. Whitehall stood on the edge of the stage many times and interacted with the audience very well too.