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faUSt play The Broad Jul 28; press photo

faUSt Promises Splendid Mess At The Broad

FaUSt, the legendary 60s German experimental rock band, will make a rare appearance July 28 at Summer Happenings: Social Shamans at The Broad in Los Angeles, supported by the Goethe Institut. Concert Guide Live caught up with founding member, Jean-Herve Peron the day after arriving in the U.S.to talk about the upcoming tour, politics, and music. En route to their Air BnB in … [Read More]

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Tribute To Tributes: Queen Nation

Although it’s no longer possible to go see the classic line-up of the British rock band Queen due to the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991, tribute bands across the … [Read More]

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The Orb “No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds”; cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: The Orb “No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds”

The Orb are back with their excellent new album No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (NSAOOB) released June 22, on Cooking Vinyl Records. NSAOOB finds The Orb expanding on … [Read More]

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Cash’d Out: Live! Authentic! And in SoCal!

Sadly, not too long ago we lost the great Johnny Cash. Fortunately, however, we have San Diego based Cash'd Out - a band who continues to bring us the sounds and … [Read More]

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The Melvins Keep The Freak Flag Fly

Somewhere along the course of American history, the name, "Melvin," became associated with pocket protectors, questionably sized eyeglasses, bowl cuts, and feeling … [Read More]

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CURTIS HARDING; photo Andy Ortega

Curtis Harding: A Tale From The Photo Pit

I love the El Rey Theater and taking pics of Curtis Harding’s show there made my day epic. If you’ve never been to the El Rey, it’s on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, around the corner from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art a.k.a. LACMA. Getting there is … [Read More]

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Amerikkant but Ministry Took Command In Anaheim

MINISTRY was in top form at House of Blues Thursday night, kicking off the Amerikkant tour. They played well, sounded good, the stage was well-lit, the live mix was LOUD but spot-on allowing enough separation between instruments - a feat in itself - with up to … [Read More]

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GRAVEYARD "Peace" cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: Graveyard “Peace”

They’re Baaaaaack. Two years after announcing their breakup Graveyard makes a very welcome return with their new album Peace, which finds the band joined by a new drummer, Oskar Bergenheim, and with a fresh and inspired new take on their heavy “riffs n’ … [Read More]