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MAGIC GIANT play Fonda Theater Jun. 29, Belly Up Jun.30; photo Wilder Bunke

Magic Giant Stomps Back Into SoCal

Magic Giant shall soon be coming to SoCal to woo audiences with their remarkable brand of indie folk-rock music. The trio is scheduled to play at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood Jun. 29 and the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach Jun. 30. Zambricki Li, one of the three main band members of the group, is especially looking forward to these two upcoming dates. “We've been on … [Read More]

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AL JARDINE plays The Coach House Jun 16; photo Spud

The Musical Glow That Is Al Jardine

"My pal, Brian Wilson and I, went to college together," muses Al Jardine of the legendary Beach Boys. “And we started at El Camino Junior College. He introduced me … [Read More]

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CURTIS HARDING; photo Andy Ortega

Curtis Harding: A Tale From The Photo Pit

I love the El Rey Theater and taking pics of Curtis Harding’s show there made my day epic. If you’ve never been to the El Rey, it’s on Wilshire Boulevard in Los … [Read More]

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JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE will play The Coach House Jun. 15; press photo

Nothing Fishy About Jack Russell’s Great White

“It’s a fine line between insanity and genius and I walk the edge of that line every day,” Jack Russell declared while explaining that he never gets bored, even on … [Read More]

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THE 131ers; press photo

The Crazy Wonderful Hijinks of the 131ers

The 131ers have been creating quite the stir lately. Known for mixing genres and distilling it into their own unique sound, the origin of their name comes from an … [Read More]

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JAPANDROIDS; photo Andy Ortega

Japandroids: A Tale From The Photo Pit

Japandroids at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever on May 30th was off the hook! Normally when I do a “Tale from the Photo Pit” article, I’ll share my experience of a show as a photographer. But boy do I need to back up a bit and address the elephant in … [Read More]

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Amerikkant but Ministry Took Command In Anaheim

MINISTRY was in top form at House of Blues Thursday night, kicking off the Amerikkant tour. They played well, sounded good, the stage was well-lit, the live mix was LOUD but spot-on allowing enough separation between instruments - a feat in itself - with up to … [Read More]

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GRAVEYARD "Peace" cover art

ALBUM REVIEW: Graveyard “Peace”

They’re Baaaaaack. Two years after announcing their breakup Graveyard makes a very welcome return with their new album Peace, which finds the band joined by a new drummer, Oskar Bergenheim, and with a fresh and inspired new take on their heavy “riffs n’ … [Read More]