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OTEP Brings Their Unorthodox Style To The Observatory

OTEP’s upcoming show at the Observatory in Santa Ana Aug. 29 is to be a sweet homecoming for the band, as it was first formed in Los Angeles by lead singer Otep Shamaya. It will also mark the final night of the current tour. “Coming back to California to play, it's almost indescribable,” Shamaya said. “We play in so many places that we love but California's my home. So to be … [Read More]

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Featured Video – MARISSA NADLER “Janie In Love”…


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The Zombies Still Rocking 50 Years Later

Let’s take a trip back to 1969. The Zombies’ song “Time of the Season” is at the top of the charts. Every time you turn on the radio, there’s Colin Blunstone’s … [Read More]

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Return Of The Dreads: A Tale From The Photo Pit

“Return of the Dreads” came to SoCal with a lineup that featured In This Moment, Rob Zombie and Korn. SoCal hasn’t had a rock fest in a while and this was guaranteed … [Read More]

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Bear Hands

Bear Hands: A Tale From The Photo Pit

As I arrived at The Observatory’s box office, I saw a huge line of people queuing up to get into the venue, which was only hosting one show that night. I was excited … [Read More]

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Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals Play All The Hits

When looking for a healthy musical playlist, there is nothing like the classics. The Rascals easily fall into this category with their string of 60s hit singles such … [Read More]

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Wyatt Blair

Wyatt Blair: A Tale From The Photo Pit

When Wyatt Blair jumped onto the stage at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, I admit, I had to pause for a minute in shock. Wyatt Blair was the real deal. My 80's childhood began to flash before my eyes. Was he really wearing one of those long dangling silver … [Read More]

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WE ARE SCIENTISTS, Constellation Room Jul 14; photo Reuben Martinez

We Are Scientists Play Passionately In Constellation Room Jul 14

When We Are Scientists walked onstage wearing various combinations of blazers and skinny jeans, I wondered if they knew the two basic reactions to which they had just committed themselves. In my experience, this particular fashion statement is eventually … [Read More]