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Front 242 Bring The Beats Back To L.A.

Front 242 return to SoCal as part of the Cold Waves Festival, appearing at The Regent Theatre with Severed Heads, Romy, and Das Bunker DJs Sep.27. This is a must-see for longtime fans of industrial music. Front 242 always put on a great, energetic, show and Severed Heads is also a rarity in Los Angeles. "Los Angeles is a particular place which has always had a strong … [Read More]

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Lil Uzi Vert

Day N Night Festival: A Tale From The Photo Pit

Hit the ground and hustle. My motto for tackling this year’s Day N Night Festival. First order of business, as always, was to grab my credentials. I arrived at the … [Read More]

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Travelin Jack: Representatives Of Rock In The 21st Century

Though it’s currently impossible to return to the 1970’s to experience the golden age of rock-n-roll, bands of the present and surviving groups from that era still … [Read More]

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In order to really make a band like L.A. Witch work on record, the sound captured on tape has to also capture the essence of the dirty city rock-n-roll vibe. You … [Read More]

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Ian Hunter & The Rant Band Rock SoCal Twice

Ian Hunter, the once glam rocker of Mott the Hoople who evolved into a phenomenal solo artist penning radio hits such as “Cleveland Rocks” and “Once Bitten, Twice … [Read More]

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Portugal. The Man: A Tale From The Photo Pit

Jump in the car. Battle through traffic. Find a parking space. Dash to the venue. Get in line. Go to the box office. Everything was a rush, but nothing could stop my excitement to get back into the photo pit. After receiving my photo pass, I had only two … [Read More]

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pinky pinky

Pinky Pinky Jump Start The Night

Local teens, Pinky Pinky, had fun while remaining serious about playing their music at The Constellation Room. First of two bands on the bill for The Strokes’ Nick Valensi’s current band CRX, Pinky Pinky played to what began as a low-keyed audience of early … [Read More]

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ALBUM REVIEW: New Mystics “The Modern Age Is Over”

New Mystics is a new project from Josh Onstott of the art rock trio Other Lives, and like his other band, the music on this first solo outing The Modern Age Is Over features beautifully crafted and layered songwriting. Onstott crafted the record with his … [Read More]