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Sun Worship With Allah-Las

Local scenesters Allah-Las play their unique, psychedelic, dream pop at Music Box Oct. 18 and The Regent Oct. 21. The group is known for playing their interpretation of retro 60s rock a la The Troggs, The Standells and The Grass Roots, full of catchy choruses and guitar hooks. Now with three albums under their belt, the songwriting continues to evolve while hinting at … [Read More]

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Twiddle Bring The Jams To Teragram Ballroom

Twiddle shall again be gracing California with another appearance at the Teragram Ballroom on Oct. 28 as part of their current tour. Founded in 2004, Twiddle has … [Read More]

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Hailing from San Francisco, The Living mesh styles as diverse as Metal, Shoe Gaze and Pop into an emotional witches brew that they make all their own. Made up of … [Read More]

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The Cribs And Rock Star Shit

English indie rock band The Cribs return to SoCal with a stop at Teragram Ballroom Oct.6. in support of their recent release 24-7 Rock Star Shit. Growing up in a … [Read More]

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The Woggles Celebrate Music And Get Wild

The Woggles bring it back to the people by performing their rock-n-roll antics at Wine Bar Oct. 4, The Echo Oct. 6 and The Casbah Oct. 7. Following is an excerpt … [Read More]

Tales From The Photo Pit

Lil Uzi Vert

Day N Night Festival: A Tale From The Photo Pit

Hit the ground and hustle. My motto for tackling this year’s Day N Night Festival. First order of business, as always, was to grab my credentials. I arrived at the festival grounds around 3:30, and to my surprise there was still a healthy line of people … [Read More]

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pinky pinky

Pinky Pinky Jump Start The Night

Local teens, Pinky Pinky, had fun while remaining serious about playing their music at The Constellation Room. First of two bands on the bill for The Strokes’ Nick Valensi’s current band CRX, Pinky Pinky played to what began as a low-keyed audience of early … [Read More]

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In order to really make a band like L.A. Witch work on record, the sound captured on tape has to also capture the essence of the dirty city rock-n-roll vibe. You know what I’m talking about, a sleazy club with graffiti on the walls, spilled booze on the sticky … [Read More]